Dudao F6H + Magnetic Car Holder Black (F6H +)

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Dudao F6H + Magnetic Car Holder Black (F6H +) Magnetic car holder to be mounted on the car dashboard. The gadget is extremely easy to use, just put the phone on it and strong magnets will attract it to you immediately. It has large adjustment possibilities (including 360-degree rotation) and rubber covers, thanks to which we will not scratch the airflow. You can easily put a phone connected to the charger on it, nothing will interfere with the simultaneous car. Brand: Dudao Model: F6H + Material: Aluminum alloy + Silicone Installation: dashboard The most important features Magnetic car holder for mounting on the dashboard. Impressive design - Elegant design fits perfectly into the interior of the car. Unrestricted air flow - Designed to maintain a safe distance from the ventilation grille. It does not obstruct the air flow and does not heat up the smartphone. Secure magnetic grip - Strong magnets ensure a secure grip of the equipment, without fear of moving it. One hand is enough - The whole thing can be easily operated with one hand. Fast and safe. Large adjustment possibilities - 360 degree rotation allows you to easily adjust the gadget to your needs and set the optimal viewing angle. Full automatism The holder does not require the troublesome adjustment of the accessory to the size of the phone. Just put the device on it and strong magnets will keep the phone in place. Stability and security Six strong magnets guarantee the stability and safety of the phone even on the most uneven roads.