Urban Classics Sunglasses Crete With Chain black/green - One Size

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Equipped with UV 400 angular lenses and elaborate frame accents at the top of the lenses these sunglasses are as casual as a Sunday morning on Crete. A simple nose bridge and straight, narrow metallic sides skillfully complete the design, while adjustable nose pads offer best wearing comfort. An authentic highlight is the supplementing pearl chain. The hip accessory is made of polycarbonate, copper and glass. Farba: black/green Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 50% Kupfer 50% Polycarbonate, frame, Oberstoff 2: 80% Kupfer 20% Polycarbonate, temple, Oberstoff 3: 100% Polycarbonate, lense, Oberstoff 4: 100% Glas, chain,